Career Path after LLB in India



If you want to study further about law, you can choose to study LLM. This will help you gain a specialised view on a particular branch of law and you would be able to master that particular section.

This might also be an opportunity to choose a career path as the specialization with a advance course Diploma Programming in LAW from reputed institute like INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSINAL LEGAL STUDIES . An LLM course will not just help you gain a deeper perspective, but it will help you get jobs that pay you better.

Higher Education

In case you wish to gain better knowledge in a specialised area of law, you can choose from among several options available for higher studies in Law. This includes research work, or LLM Ph.D. in fields like  International Law, Constitutional Law, Labour Law, Cyberlaw, and Family Law.

Writer Of Law Books /Reports /Journalist

If you excel at writing, and you understand the law well, then this profession is the right one for you. If you are capable of writing and editing law books used by law students or if you are able to write legal reports for various publications or newspapers, this job would fit you well. You can also work with a journalist as a guide who guides them all the time.

Legal Analyst

Law graduates could join law firms or corporate fir and conduct analyses regarding the law sphere about the company and its functions. This requires aspirants to own a license in order to practice law.

Legal Analysts also have the ability to assist in drafting various legal documents and also assists attorneys. In the case of financial law, this is a great option. It also requires you to be well analytical and organisational along with the great athlete.

Legal Researcher

A legal researcher is someone responsible for researching various cases and finding ways to win a case. It includes general topics regarding the laws. In other words, they are the ones that the lawyers hire in order to gain a deeper insight into the cases and legal nuances.  Therefore, this is also an interesting profession for you if you are an LLB graduate.


If you are interested in taking part in the governance of the country or if you have a political background, you can enter politics if you are an LLB graduate. This is helped by the fact that you will have deep knowledge regarding all three domains of the government- Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. This allows them to contribute actively to the nation and become a politician.

Note that in India, joining politics does not mandate any educational qualification. However, there are several of the top political leaders in the country who are law graduates.

Besides, Indian political history is the best proof for the fact that the lawyers are the best politicians out there. Remember that the 250 member assembly that formed the constitution comprised entirely of lawyers. Therefore, studying LLB is one of the best options if you have an interest in pursuing politics.


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