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Everything you need to know about Distance Education Courses in Kolkata

Distance education has become the need of the hour if you wish to upgrade your job skills, and you do not have enough time to pursue a regular classroom learning course. Most of the reputed universities and colleges now offer distance education courses such as distance education MBA, distance education B.Tech. Nursing , LLB , Engineering , Management, Diploma Programs in Law, etc. to enhance the knowledge and expertise of students. Distance education allows the student to study at their own pace without having the need to be physically present at a particular college/ university. These courses help to acquire the necessary skills in a specific field of study. With MedTech Foundation, you can come across 20+ verified distance education institutes in your city. With an average of 5-star rating across 541 user reviews, our MedTech Foundation offer excellent services. Read on to know more about why you should opt for MedTech, about different distance learning courses and institutes, pricing, and much more.

Why choose MedTech Foundation?

If you are looking for a “ distance education institute”, you have reached the right place. MedTech is a leading business listing platform, which helps you to get in contact with several reputed distance learning institutes and courses in your neighborhood. To begin with, all you need to do is fill up a simple form that is provided to you online. Mention your exact needs to help MedTech advisors provide you with suitable recommendations. Based on the information which you have filled, our consultants will provide you with a list of the most appropriate service providers in your area. Shortlist the best distance education courses on the basis of reviews and feedback of the clients. Distance education is a way of studying where learning is imparted remotely with the aid of study material and electronic media. The best feature of distance education is that it offers complete flexibility and economy to students. Distance education from IGNOU, Distance education from lpu, etc. is prevalent.

Different types of distance education courses

There are different types of distance education courses that you can pursue. Join a course as per your specific skill upgradation need.

  • Engineering Distance Education
  • Medical Distance Education
  • Management Distance Education
  • Law Distance Education
  • Open School Distance Education
  • Foreign Distance Education

Advantages of Distance Education

If you are wondering what the advantages of distance education are, then go through the following:

  1. Flexible system– Distance education always offer a much more flexible system of study, which helps students make the most of their time. They can divide their activities into studies and extra-curricular and recreational activities that they enjoy doing. 
  2. Adaptive curriculum – The distance education courses are designed for students who want the most out of their courses. They can achieve a lot of options to suit their needs. 
  3. No need for regular classes – As distance education has no regular classes, students can save time, energy, and money on transportation. They also will not be troubled with the burden of keeping attendance. 
  4. Continue education while working – For students who have already entered the workforce, distance education can help them make the most out of work and study life. 
  5. Affordable course fee – Most distance education courses have affordable course fees and scope for scholarship and other financial aid.

Popular distance education courses

  1. Media Distance Education – It is a popular choice of an educational course. The growing demand for media studies has made a course additional to students’ regular course a need for many budding media professionals. 
  2. Management distance education – This type, of course, is pursued by students who are already in their work field and want to enhance their learning and gain an edge. People pursuing technical courses also go for this kind of course as well. 
  3. Arts & Humanities distance education – Students who have a thirst for knowledge and want to complete their education would typically choose this type of course. Elderly students also chose this kind, of course. 
  4. Engineering distance education – Though not completely distance, this kind, of course, would require some kind of workshop and training, these courses are very popular.
  5. Computer science distance education – In the contemporary world, everything is based on computers, and this makes this type, of course, significant for students. Students with a knack for computers generally take up this kind of course. 
  6. Finance & Accounts distance education – Working students find this kind, of course, to be very helpful in enhancing their career. The scope of this course is enormous as many students, after completing take up competitive exams. 
  7. Medical distance education – Certificate courses into learning the essentials of medical science are also growing in popularity. 
  8. Teaching distance education – It is one of the most popular distance education courses. However, practical teaching classes are still very much part of this curriculum, along with a few compulsory classes. 
  9. Science distance education – Curious students, take up such courses to learn more and satisfy their thirst for knowledge. It is also essential for students who want to take competitive examinations.
  10. Open school distance education – Various range of courses are available for the students to choose from.
  11. Law distance education – A significant course for any budding lawyer or people who may need additional knowledge of the law. 

Cost of distance education

The cost of distance education varies from one institute to another. It primarily depends upon the kind of course you choose, city and rating of the distance education centre . For instance, distance education for postgraduate courses is more than graduate courses. Below is an approximate cost of different types of distance education.


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