Universities represented by us visit our office throughout the year in order to meet students who have either applied or who are interested in applying to them. We are giving Universities excellent results as we have extensive and unmatched marketing experience. As an education consultancy in India, JMS strives to be the best by providing a good service to the Universities and colleges and unrivalled by any other agency in the Country, a service that gives our partner institute the confidence in knowing that they have made the right decision coming to us. At the same time our Students are happy customers who vouch for our services.


We support you throughout your application process- from helping you choose the best possible institution and course to making your application, advice on managing your finances, visa, pre-departure services and much more. We offer counselling to students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Dubai, Ireland, USA, Canada and many more.


WE OFFER A WIDE CHOICE OF COUNTRIES, INSTITUTIONS AND COURSES This is important since our students have a very wide variety of institutions and courses to choose from. We represent good quality and institutions in many countries. We are selective about the institutions that we represent and ensure that they are genuine providers. Get Quality Advice for Quality Education only at JMS Education Consultants. We have a sterling track record when it comes to student visa.

About Us

We, Educational consultants with physical presence around whole INDIA, having head office in DUMDUM near SBI bank. We offer a bouquet of services which begin right from the time when a student first decides to venture into the echelons of higher learning to finally getting him in the school of his choice. We don the mantle of admission consultants, essay editors, resume counsellors and admission guides. But we are much more than just these services providers.
Our, educational consultants, team of thorough professionals pay minute and individualized attention to every student as we believe each student is unique with his/her own background, strengths, requirements and ambitions.

Why Us

We help in offering educational consultancy services as first hand information & knowledge in the concerned field of study.
• Our counselors provide updated information on admission criteria, acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale.
• We conveniently change roles as per the call of the situation. Such as admission consultants, essay editors, resume counselors, admission guides to name a few.
• We are an all pervasive institute taking care of details right from the scratch till the end procedure. We keep them updated with latest information on admission criteria garnered through varied resources. Study Destinations: Around the globe.

Our Strengths

Comprehensive knowledge of premier universities and B-schools.
• Individualized attention and approach for each student.
• Updated and bleeding edge knowledge about constantly changing admission criteria, we know exactly what each admission committee seeks. This vital information is garnered through various sources like university websites, former alumnus, admission news and bulletins etc.
• Each student is hand-held and constantly counseled throughout the entire process.
• We want our students to study at the best school you wish for and your aspiration is our promise.


Admissions Counseling and University/ College Selection Taking the first step towards the school of your dreams Self assessment, identifying your needs and choosing wisely! Gaining admission to the best schools is an effort requiring competence coupled with enthusiasm, right knowledge and focused endeavor. The first step in this process is undoubtedly the crucial decision as to which college and university best suits your unique needs. This choice will determine to a large degree your chances of admission. The student has to match aspirations with reality and aim for schools, colleges and universities which are in within the range of attainment.

Counselling plays a vital role in this as:
• Admission counselling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to career counselling.
• University selection is the most vital step in the whole procedures to start with.
• Parents and students lack specialized knowledge about the options available.
• Expert counsellors can prescribe a healthy mix of ‘aspirational’ schools where the student can hope to gain admission and ‘safe’ schools where he has appreciable higher chances of acceptance and substantial scholarship support.
• The long, challenging and often stressful process of admission is hard on students. A counsellor steps into the role of a friend, guide and encourager when the going seems tough. Well-timed and sound advice often spells the difference between gaining the goal or quitting for a student. Survival stories, time management tips, practical strategies, inspiring examples, insightful anecdotes and words of encouragement are the extra arsenal which counsellors often employ to firefight the slow burnout of the waiting process.
• The final preparation of student admission essays, resume’s, scholarship and fee waiver requests, etc require expert advice and guidance, which parents and the students urgently require.
• His choice around the globe.


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