IPLS (Institute for Professional Legal Studies)

IPLS Stands for – Which is one of the Global leaders of Educational Society in India.

The IPLS wants to give everyone some ideas on legal issues to alleviate some of the unemployment and to make people aware so that they can make themselves aware as well as enable others to be enrolled in legal courses and provide legal services to the people. At the same time, the law and constitution of the country will come up with ideas that will help build a golden India.

IPLS has taken up the initiative to promote local entrepreneurs to set up institutes for providing vocational training to the students for their skill development. IPLS is a successful training provider; our objective is to impart basic information about the necessity of computer literacy in various fields, with quality knowledge.

At the present time, some big Institutions run their one-year or more than one–year programs in higher charges, Due to which the middle-class families of our societies cannot afford the load of their charges. Our mission studied theme properly and decided to provide better higher technical education in computer making a foundation of ” (IPLS)” all over India.

Step into a World of Academic Excellence

Selecting the right Med School is the first step towards graduating as a Lawyer. The first year will be full of challenges but we can assure students of an enriching and overwhelming experience when you are part of the Institute for Professional Legal Studies (IPLS) you join the league of individuals ready to grow into world-class digital legal consultants. A top digital platform and learning institution for legal courses, IPLS promises every student an apt learning environment. Every step that you take henceforth will contribute towards fulfilling your dreams of becoming a Lawyer.


To promote advanced studies and research in law so as to meet the social, economic, and other needs of the people, to promote and to encourage legal investigation and allied fields, to improve online legal education, to impart instructions in law, and supports diversity, inclusion, critical thinking and creativity.


When it comes to opportunities and experiences, there is no better choice than IPLS in the Caribbean. Our mission is not only to help our students learn the skills required as a Legal practitioners but to use their learning to make a positive difference to the world they are living in. at IPLS, we, therefore, work together:

  1. To build professionals for excellence in the contemporary world of legal field.
  2. To create best Lawyer’s with compassion for the poor and rich alike.
  3. To build curiosity in mind for legal studies.
  4. To generate awareness in application of law for the welfare of society.
  5. To provide a supportive environment of global learning and research in legal field allied rising above the geographical and cultural boundaries.

Why study Law at Institute for Professional Legal Studies?

Over the years, Institute for Professional Legal Studies has grown into one of the most prestigious International Law Schools in Kolkata. Since its inception in 2020, IPLS has remained committed to excellence in the education of future law practitioners globally. Our exceptional and diverse student base has been one of our greatest assets for success, helping us to promote a culture of world-class learning and prepare leaders for tomorrow.

IPLS is ranked as the No. 1 Private Institution in India. Our Diploma program is one of the most coveted and in-demand programs for students aspiring to make a career in the law field. We are committed to bring out the best in our students and provide a collaborative environment to nurture talent in the field of legal studies. At IPLS, we follow a curriculum that is with the best global law schools. Over the years, IPLS has been able to attract the best academic and scholastic minds from across the world, making us the preferred choice, students desiring to study law in the United Kingdom.

 is a sprawling, environment-friendly campus with state-of-art infrastructure, and the capacity to hold over 1500 students at one time.

Over the years, the institution has invested in its growth and expansion, resulting in a vast Eco space of academic learning and development.

Additionally, to ensure student engagement and a lively environment, the campus also has a student lounge and dedicated spaces for indoor and outdoor sports.

Moreover, in our efforts towards going green, we are working at getting 80% of power from solar energy.

Courses are designed for:

  • Law Students
  • Lawyers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • School Students
  • CA/CS
  • School & College Students

We have pioneered the online learning movement in India

Institute for Professional Legal Studies (IPLS), as an online education portal in the field of law.

Why “IPLS”

We, at “IPLS”, aim to:

  • Improve your skills with practical Knowledge
  • Increase probabilities of your employability
  • Help you in career progression in the law field
  • Improve practical legal Knowledge for a better option
  • Improve Legal Awareness

Campus Information

IPLS-Institute of legal studies is focused on holistic development of the student’s mind and body. Located in the fascinating city of Kolkata, IPLS’s campus makes a student-life enriching, by ensuring students can enjoy Kolkata’s lively culture and maintain a busy schedule of academic and non-academic events.

The campus has provisions for outdoor as well as indoor games ensuring that a sound mind is complemented by a sound body.

The student base at IPLS is diverse and of multi-cultural ethnicity. To promote diversity, we celebrate festivals of different cultures. It is with great pomp and grandeur that we celebrate our annual cultural event and graduation ceremony every year, along with other festivals and events.

Student Life
At IPLS, we encourage students to keep their spirits high by providing equal opportunities for academics and entertainment.