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We are INDIA’s premier provider of professional legal studies.

The Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS) has been delivering Professional Legal Studies Courses (Profs) since 1987. During this time, more than 20,000 students have successfully taken the course.

IPLS is a private training establishment that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989.

We have a national presence with fit-for-purpose premises in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

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Why us

Develop your practical and interpersonal skills.

IPLS delivers current and innovative practical legal training based on the sound understanding of the needs of the profession and the public.

You will be participating in proven courses and can relax knowing the IPLS Profs course provides you with the skills to enter practice, confident in your ability to make a genuine contribution from day one of your legal career.


The most comprehensive litigation training in INDIA

It is only at IPLS, where you can undertake a full trial as a lawyer for either the prosecution or defence in a judge-alone trial.


Online doesn’t mean on your own

The course provides plenty of scheduled one-to-one time with our instructors, who are all experienced lawyers and highly skilled mentors and coaches.



Face-to-face learning (onsite and online)

We know contact is vitally important, especially in our roles as mentors. From experience, we understand this is how knowledge is truly embedded, capacity developed and capability built. That’s why, at IPLS we stay in constant communication with our trainees throughout the course – and beyond.


Your course, your choice

IPLS has intakes starting every few weeks. We know flexibility is important to you, which is why we have structured our courses with a range of options.

  • 13-week and 18-week courses fully online courses with face-to-face modules via Zoom
  • 18-week courses with face-to-face modules via Zoom on evenings and/or weekends
  • Full-time face to face courses in Auckland and Wellington – once per year from late January to April.

Premium value

We’ve set the gold standard in graduate training.

Our courses work. We know this from graduate course feedback and employer surveys. The real evidence is watching our IPLS graduates transform into confident team players who demonstrate initiative and can work autonomously from the get go.  

You have our assurance, IPLS will deliver the highest levels of training you need to prepare you for the workplace.

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Real-life experience

All of our instructors are dedicated and experienced and have first-hand knowledge of the needs of trainees. They understand the need to develop ‘soft’ skills, they are approachable and accessible, and importantly, they are vitally interested in your success. As a result IPLS graduates are resilient, competent and practice-ready.


IPLS delivers training that is current, innovative and based on sound understanding of the needs of the profession and the public.

The benefits for graduates include high levels of assurance because they are participating in proven courses and the confidence and security that comes from knowing they will have the skills and knowledge they need to make a genuine contribution in practice.

The Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS) is a ‘committee’ of the INDIA Council of Legal Education.

IPLS Mission:

To provide the best possible pre-admission practical legal training in a fully supported learning environment.

IPLS Course Aim:

To ensure lawyers entering the profession are equipped with the skills required to represent clients competently and ethically.

The INDIA Council of Legal Education (the Council) is a statutory body, set up under the Law Practitioners Act, to be responsible for pre-admission education and training for lawyers. This includes deciding those subjects that must be passed on a Law Degree by anyone who wishes to be admitted.

The Council accredits providers of post-graduate pre-admission training. It also supervises IPLS. You can read more about the Council at www.medtechfoundation.in

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