Vision & Mission


  1. Our vision is to impart holistic education to the student teachers for the academic excellence and inculcating National human values in them through academic co-curricular and socially meaningful activities.The vision of the promoting body ( the Trust ) is to important quality education with high standards par excellence in education.
  2. To promote and provide meaningful and quality education to all aspirants at affordable costs in Universities that are recognized by both Indian and International accreditation and registration bodies.
  3. To provide an excellent infrastructure in a serene and conductive atmosphere that would motivate the s tudents in the pursuit of knowledge in Engineering and Technology. To be the global leadership in human development, excellence in education and healthcare. 
  4. To be an institute of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education and research in management and technology with a holistic Concern for better life.


  • To shape the future of students by offering them a career path that is carved with obstacles but can be smoothened by daily devotion and absolute resolution towards the ultimate goal. Along with that OEW is determined to take global education to new heights by enlightening, stimulating and honing the blossoming buds of the future generation thereby bestowing them with the power of knowledge to become international leaders with broader perception of life. Our ultimate aim is to envision a world where medical education is not limited or made available to a certain section of the society but where all type of students can live their dream to be aspiring doctors and pursue their education smoothly without worrying about finance or extraordinary talent.
  • Reaching out to the aspiring students and provide them with the necessary guidance and support to fulfill their dreams.
  • To create awareness about the education opportunities available in technical specialties and MBBS in Abroad.

MedTech’s Values & Culture

MedTech Student and parent focus for ensuring high level of customer services.

our integral value system

Commitment: We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

Respect: We recognize the expertise of all members of the College community and encourage individual contribution.

Leadership: We Value Leadership without title.

Excellence: We strive to develop and pursue higher standards.

Innovation and Creativity: We Value Innovation in Work & Creativity in Thought.

Integrity: We value Integrity, Transparency, Honesty & are Ethical.

Responsibility: Our Actions Create Value for Stake holders there by Benefiting Community at large.

Accountability: We assume and demonstrate responsibility for our actions.

Diversity: We believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond and strengthening the College.

Global Growth: We value Sustainable Growth that promotes profitability to Fuel our Global Aspirations.