MedTech Foundation

MedTech Foundation is a licensed educational consultant who specializes in Domestic and abroad Education. Our specialist team has been advising students on their higher education plans since 2016. We’re located in Dumdum, Kolkata – the educational hub of the Kolkata. This is where all the highly ranked institutions are delivering the world’s most sought-after programs with affiliation from renowned universities from home and abroad. Our Mentors are “highly Qualified.

We directly represent over 20 prestigious universities and colleges in the INDIA as well as Abroad. We are a small, well qualified team of 12 “Student Counselors” who are as well as business graduates, which means that you receive personalized service with their personal experiences so as to help you without any “pauses” from beginning to end. We guide you all the way from university / college admissions to the successful visa interviews and enrollments at the institution of your choice. We provide tailor-made services for you in regards to finding suitable programs and institutions, which best suit your budget and qualifications.

Our Service Highlights:

  •  University Search Application for Admissions Scholarships Assistance
  •  Test Classes & Registration
  • Domestic / International Admission assistance
  •  Visa Supporting Documentation